First Grade Plans

Wow!  How did we get here?  When did I become the parent of a  1st grader?!
Well, since this is the technical end of Kindergarten I thought I would post 
our plans for next year!  Then you can all laugh at me for not sticking with it, lol.
So here is our general monthly outline:
Unit 1 -
SS: I’m like you, You’re like me
Science: We Planted a Tree
Sep 21: Peace Day - Can you say peace?
Unit 2
SS: People Say Hello
Science: Alejandro’s Gift (Desert biome)
The Gift of Nothing
The Pumpkin Blanket
Unit 3
SS: Everyone is Special and Unique: Learning About Acceptance
Room for One More
Science: The Great Animal Search (Animal Studies/habitats)
Unit 4
SS: Winter Holidays
The Peace Book
Science:  The Sea, the Storm, and the Mangrove Tangle (Mangrove ecosystem)
Unit 5
SS: Beatrice’s Goat
Science: Big Alfie Out of Doors Storybook
Peaceful Piggy Meditation
Unit 6
SS: Elsina’s Clouds (Africa)
Valentine's Day
Science: See the Ocean (Ocean Biome)
Unit 7
SS: Circles of Hope
Science: The Flower/How a Seed Grows
Unit 8
SS: Be a Friend: Learning About Friendship and Fairness
Science: The Great Kapok Tree: A Tale of the Amazon Rainforest 
(Rainforest Biome)
Unit 9
Ss: Children Around the World
Science: Bug Safari (Insects)

All About Spelling - goal 1 lesson a week.
Draw then Write
Readers - 1 per day
Explode the Code - as useful
Math U See - goal 1 lesson a week
Math games - as desired
Nebel Science (Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding - 
pace 2 weeks per topic
101 Science poems - as desired
Kids Celebrate! Activities for special days - keep up on holidays this year!
Sacred myths - 1 story per week (35)

Additional Books to have available to read:
Amelia Bedelia
Frog and Toad are Friends Series
Fun with Dick and Jane
Geronimo Stilton
Junie B Jones
Magic Tree House
One Fish, Two Fish
Green Eggs and  Ham
Fox in Socks
Cat in the Hat

What is Religion?
Many Ways: How families practice their beliefs and religions

A child’s garden of verses
A light in the attic
Random house book of poetry for children

Lilly’s purple plastic purse
Little bear
Mrs. Piggle wiggle
Peter Pan
Book of nonsense
The Fall of Freddie the Leaf: A Story of life

Health: k-3
It’s not the stork!  A book about girls, boys, babies, bodies, families and 

Spiritual studies:
Zen shorts
A pebble for your pocket
The gift of you, the gift of me
Somebody loves you, mr hatch
All the places to love

Music: Choose one composer at a time and play it a lot.  Read short 
biography of that composer.

Sounds like a lot?  It's really not.  Hey that rhymed.  :)  Ok, so all of 
this really takes less than 30 mins a day.  We read a book, and see how our 
interests go.  We might read more, find videos on the subject, do a craft 
or some cooking etc.  Mostly I try to expose him to these subjects and go 
as we're inspired.  So we work about 10 minutes a day on math and reading 
(most days), then read a book on a subject 1-2 times a month and learn about 
the parts we are interested in.  Nebel Science takes an hour or so a week 
and is purely experiential, my son LOVES it!
So that's our outline.  Let's see if it happens!

5 responses to “First Grade Plans

  1. Visiting you from the SHS site…The Alfie books are some of my all time favourites – sounds like you have a lot of great resources to use when desired 🙂

  2. Those lists can look long when you’re not doing the text/workbook approach. We’re just finishing up with Sonlight core 4 and we can easily have upwards of 30 things in our database for one day… but it’ll often be things like “1 chapter of xyz book.” I can’t wait to see what things look like after we switch to Global Village School in the fall; I’m hoping for an even more relaxed year 😀

  3. Thank you for this. We are just in the beginning of K. I, too, tried actually teaching my daughter at about 4, which resulted in MY frustration, yelling, and her shut down. We’ve been working on deschooling for the past year or so, with very small amounts of school-ish material thrown in, at her discretion. I am having to deschool myself. Then to figure out how much is needed/ day. I am really glad to see you spend about as much per day as I do, they don’t seem to need a full day of material like children get in school to get concepts. We also have ADHD, she does, I do and my husband as well. Looking into that diet!

    • Both my oldest and I are ADHD. Feingold really is a lifesaver! I’ll be doing a post about it soon. I think the relaxed style works so much better for his attention. Follow the child!

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