Not quite unschool “curriculum” – Language Arts

So this week I will be highlighting the various subjects often covered in a curriculum and how we intend to handle them this year.  This year is our first real experiment in relaxed homeschooling and so I’m sure I’ll have thrown everything out by the end.  However, I will start with our intentions so you can understand our mindset and we will see how things evolve over time.

Starting with Language Arts.

So my oldest son being in First Grade this year our focus is on loving books.  So we are reading together alot.   Right now he is totally obsessed with the Magic Treehouse series and we read 4 chapters every night.  So I read to him and he picks out words he knows as we go and gets excited about the fact that he knows them <3.  I can’t believe how fabulous this series is.  It exposes him to a huge variety of subjects and we get to look things up on the computer when a topic interests him.  We are also reading Winnie The Pooh in preparation for the movie and I have a list of other read-alouds I’d like to introduce him to this year.

We also have a year-long subscription to Reading Eggs – which we love.  He used it for hours everyday for a while after we got it, but seems to be taking a break.  We have the activity books that go along with it and these are the only workbooks he has ever been interested and he can’t wait to do them.  So I wouldn’t be surprised if he finds his way back to them soon.

We also have the first level of All About Spelling.  I was using this as a reading program more than a spelling program.  He rejected it and we left it alone.  I thought it was gone for good and planned on selling it but yesterday he brought it to me and asked why we weren’t doing it anymore and asked if we could.  So that might come back out soon.  The best piece of advice I ever got in relation to homeschooling was that I don’t need to use curriculum the way it’s laid out – duh.  So we skip things he knows and build the words with magnetic plastic letters instead of writing them out.  I don’t do all the flash cards etc.   But he enjoys it and makes progress.

We also play a lot of word games – finding rhymes, eye-spy with things starting with a sound etc.  He also really enjoys sight word bingo and story sequencing cards.  He watches a lot of PBS kids shows that stress reading and plays the corresponding games on  His reading is coming along and I am happy.

Our focus for this year is loving the magic of books.


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